Editorial 28(1)

Two Outstanding Paper Awards made at ascilite Hobart 2011

The ascilite Conference's Outstanding Paper Awards series continues with two papers given this special recognition at ascilite Hobart 2011.

Martin Olmos and Linda Corrin wrote Academic analytics in a medical curriculum: Enabling educational excellence. They describe this emerging new field and illustrate its contribution to the development and implementation of an innovative and integrated curriculum for the Graduate School of Medicine at the University of Wollongong.

Leading change: Applying change management approaches to engage students in blended learning was written by Diana Quinn, Yousef Amer, Anne Lonie, Kim Blackmore, Lauren Thompson and Malcolm Pettigrove. Their work shows change management principles being used to guide a systematic approach to engaging students into the learning culture associated with the Engineering Hubs and Spokes Project conducted jointly by the Australian National University and the University of South Australia.

Researchers and readers interested in exploring trends that may be discerned in the 13 year history of the Outstanding Paper Awards series will find a list of links in the page "Contents table for editorials" (search for 'outstanding') [1].

Roger Atkinson and Catherine McLoughlin
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  1. AJET. Contents table for editorials. http://www.ascilite.org.au/ajet/about/editorials/contents.html

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