Journal of Instructional Science and Technology (e-JIST)

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This is an archival website formally recording the merger of e-JIST with AJET in December 2007, and providing perpetual access to the work presented in e-JIST during its 11 years of publication, 1996-2007.

The merger was announced by Professor Alan Smith, e-JIST's Executive Editor, in Editorial 10(1) and in AJET Editorial 24(1). This archival website, developed during January-February 2008, situates a copy of the works of e-JIST's authors and editors within an actively growing body of similar research articles published by AJET since 1985. The original USQ website for e-JIST, at, is being decommissioned.

We remind readers that contact details within the pages of the e-JIST archives are not to be used. Any inquiries about e-JIST should be directed to AJET Editorial staff.

Authors who have published in e-JIST or have considered it for their work are cordially invited to submit articles to AJET.

Our archival record of the home page text commences below.

e-JIST is an international peer-reviewed electronic journal.

The Journal is a multi-faceted publication with content likely to be of interest to policy makers, managers, investors, professional staff, technical staff, and academics within education and training.

The editions of e-JIST will adopt an evolutionary style.

In the meantime, the Journal continues to welcome new contributions based on original work of practitioners and researchers with specific focus or implications for the design of instructional materials.

Current edition:

e-JIST Vol. 10 No. 1, October 2007



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