Electric Dreams - 2013 ascilite conference, Sydney Australia, 1-4 December

Thank you from ascilite and Macquarie University!

Thank you to all the participants in the 30th ascilite Conference 2013. The conference was a wonderfully engaging and successful event, with over 400 delegates participating in close to 200 presentations.

As a final update, you can now find on this archived website:

  1. Photos from the event
  2. Individual papers in PDF format, each with its own landing page
  3. Audio & slide recordings of the Keynote Speakers

We wish the 31st ascilite Organizing Committee all the best, and look forward to joining you in Dunedin, NZ on November 23 – 26, 2014.

ascilite 2014, Nov 23-26, Dunedin, NZ

- The 30th ascilite Organizing Committee

PS. The @ascilite2013 Twitter account has now been updated to @ascilite2014 - if you were following us, you'll be automatically rolled into the new account!



Welcome to Electric Dreams!

For ascilite’s 30th anniversary in 2013, conference hosts Macquarie University hope to cast our minds towards the future through the conference theme, ‘Electric Dreams’.

A dream can be a vision, a prediction, an aspiration - but it can also be a reflection, a pastiche of thoughts, or a different form of consciousness. Our aim is to inspire new and creative ways of thinking about the use of computers in education - to dream while we’re awake.

The occasion of our 30th anniversary also offers delegates the opportunity to reflect on where we’ve come from, and how that might inform where we’re going.

We look forward to all the digital dreamers (and cyber somnambulists!) joining us at the 30th ascilite Conference 2013 at Macquarie University, Sydney!

Note: full digital versions of the handbook & proceedings are now available! These will also be supplied in your delegate satchel.